Sunday, February 28, 2010


Several weeks ago, I met a very nice couple, Julie and Brian, who came to me with their senior Great Dane, Callie.  She is a 7 year old blue merle, adopted from Rocky Mountain Great Dane Rescue, and she is a sweetheart!  However, her mom reported that Callie has some leash reactivity issues with other dogs..  We got to work right away with her behavior and confidence level.  During our conversation, we randomly began talking about my senior blue merle Great Dane, Piper, and how similar the dogs look.  After our session, they put Callie in the car and I brought Piper out.  All of a sudden Julie said "this is Piper from Big Dogs Huge Paws?... We almost adopted her!".  Apparently, at the same time we were fostering Piper, Julie and Brian were looking for a senior... They were going back and forth between Callie and Piper- too weird!   It is a small world indeed.

New Location!

As of this week, we now have our own dedicated training space!  It's been on my wishlist for a VERY long time, and now it has come to fruition.   The space is at VCA Mountainview Animal Hospital in Highlands Ranch.  It's huge, and we'll be able to hold all kinds of classes and workshops.  I am very excited with the new partnership and being able to be in a vet hospital, and start early- with all the puppies that come in.
I will post photos as soon as the space is ready to go...