Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Power of Mental Stimulation

I am the behavior director for a local rescue, Big Dogs Huge Paws, and held a foster training last Saturday that included instructions on Chew Toy Training.  Here is an email I got yesterday from one of our foster moms:

"Hey Guys~
During the foster training I got to thinking that I might not be mentally stimulating my dogs as much as I should be..... feeding them their meals in their kongs sounded like a great idea!
So.... a little bit of cheese...some kibble, all natural meat... and a little peanut butter later, stuff the kong... and Hera is happy as can be....Zeus on the other hand is head over heals for it, until he realizes that he has to work for his food. He stops... takes a deep sigh... roles his eyes at me..... walks around the house.... then decides it's not so bad and goes back to his meal.... Oden missed out! He's out on an adventure with Jim camping!!!
Don't worry though, he will get his treat when he gets home!
Thanks Guys!!!

If you aren't feeding your dogs out of frozen Kongs yet, you should start ASAP!

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