Saturday, September 5, 2009

My Lovely Assistant

While most people in an office have a secretary, delivery runner, accountant, or housekeeper, I assure you, I do not.  I am the chief 'cook', dishwasher, phone answerer, scheduler, driver, treat cutter, and pooper scooper.  As the owner/operator of my own business, things can get pretty hectic somedays, and often I don't have time to use the restroom or eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner on any given day.
I do, however, have an assistant.  She is the most lovely girl.  She has pointy ears and a toothy grin.  She loves getting her 'paychecks' and does anything I ask.   She goes with me on appointments and, with the utmost love, affection, and devotion, I use her as 'bait' (very safely of course).   She sits excitedly in the backseat of my car anticipating her next doggie- introduction.  I could not do my job without her.   She never calls in sick, and always has a big smile on her face.

Her name is Bobbie and I adore her. 

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breemunger said...

We adore her too! She hopes for a Christmas bonus!