Monday, September 21, 2009

Special Needs? Hardly!

Meet Phoenix.  She is a gorgeous 2-year old brindle Boxer.   Her parents, Kim and James, hired me to help with her increased leash reactivity, defensiveness, and anxiety when Kim thought she couldn't handle her on walks anymore.  I expected to meet a wild child, but in actuality, she is very sweet and calm- not your typical Boxer!
Phoenix is completely deaf, and most people would think she would have special needs.  I assure you, she has no idea she is deaf, and pays better attention and is more intune than most hearing dogs- including my own.   While she doesnt have any special needs, she is very special.  She is clearly well-loved and I think the prognosis is very good!
Her mom sent me a photo of her enjoying the Everlasting Treat Ball I recommended.  You go girl!

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